Thursday, May 3, 2007

Monster Cited in China

Politicians have been finding the monster useful in speeches since Lord Canning who, in 1824, predicted that slaves freed without an education would prove to have "a more than mortal power of doing mischief" and would become a monster like the one in "the splendid fiction of a recent romance" -- a terror that would turn back and attack its maker.

This month, the term's being used for China.

House Republican Dana Rohrabacher warns that China is building up its armory, in large part thanks to support from the U.S. Rohrabacher believes the guns will soon turn in our direction. "We have built up a Frankenstein that now threatens us."

Monster, maker, the two get confused, but the reference serves the purpose. Funny how politics is full of missteps that take us into horrors we never imagined.

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