Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Escapes Artist

Gene Wilder's got a new book, My French Whore, and its publication gave London's Daily Mail a chance to ask him some questions. He thumbs-upped the stage-musical version of The Producers but voiced skepticism about turning his own beloved monster screenplay into a musical.

“As for the musical of Young Frankenstein, which is a work in progress, I had a lot of doubts about that,” he told a Metro reporter in a piece posted today. “But I like Mel to be happy – he needs to work. So we’ll see. That opens in October, I think.”

Brooks gets the credit, but Wilder didn’t just wax wacko acting the part of Dr. Frahnkanshteen. The original play was his. Guess this monster escaped his creator’s clutches, just like Mary Shelley’s. I’ll bet—again, just like Mary Shelley—he’ll be in an early audience, cheering his offspring on.

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