Friday, February 29, 2008

Winter's monster may rebound

In among mentions of the motorcycle rallies where he plays live these days comes news that Edgar Winter is writing a musical based on his history-making rock classic, "Frankenstein."

"Part of what I've tried to do throughout my career is broaden musical horizons and play a really wide variety of music," a Washington, PA, reporter quotes him as saying. "I'm primarily thought of as a rocker, but I really do love jazz and classical." The occasion for the article is a live performance this weekend by Winter at—don't you love it?—the Pepsi Cola Roadhouse in Burgettstown, PA.

Move over, Mel Brooks. Here comes someone who has had his finger on the pulse of the monster for as long as you have.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Election allusions

It's bound to happen. You can't have an election in the United States without someone finding some way—or many people finding many ways—to bring the monster into the conversation.

Today it's Mike Garibaldi-Frick, commenting on the flak Hillary is taking for being a woman with a strong presence. "If the mob is flocking to Obama while launching vicious attacks on the Clinton Frankenstein monster with 'crazy eyes,'" he wrote, "I'll feel compassion to help Frankenstein."

Mary Shelley is settling down a little more comfortably in her grave. If she were alive, who would she be campaigning for?