Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Election allusions

It's bound to happen. You can't have an election in the United States without someone finding some way—or many people finding many ways—to bring the monster into the conversation.

Today it's Mike Garibaldi-Frick, commenting on the flak Hillary is taking for being a woman with a strong presence. "If the mob is flocking to Obama while launching vicious attacks on the Clinton Frankenstein monster with 'crazy eyes,'" he wrote, "I'll feel compassion to help Frankenstein."

Mary Shelley is settling down a little more comfortably in her grave. If she were alive, who would she be campaigning for?


taraco said...

Hello Susan and her fans. David Colton of the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards here.

I wanted you to know that FRANKENSTEIN: A CULTURAL HISTORY is a nominee for Best Book of 2007 in the Sixth Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards. Voting is under way now and lasts through March 8.

The Rondos -- named after 1940s character actor Rondo Hatton -- are designed to recognize the best in classic horror scholarship, creativity and film preservation. Winners are determined by an online, email vote, and thousands of fans have participated over the years.

You can find the ballot and more information at rondoaward.com. These awards are designed to honor the best in genre appreciation, and I especially want the authors to know their work is being recognized in this crazy but loving annual event. It's a very earnest thing indeed.

Congratulations on your nomination, and I know this is bringing a jolt of renewed recognition to Susan's fine look at every fan's favorite ... monster.

david colton

Susan Tyler Hitchcock said...

I'm honored. Thanks, David. -- sth