Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dance of the Evening

What ever happened to the graveyard twist indeed?

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Gerald Saul said...

Hello, I'm enjoying your book Frankenstein, a cultural history. It appears that you have not been blogging regularly, but I'm just wanting to ask a question.
I was confused by your assertion at the end of chapter 9 when you say that Alice Cooper "disappeared from the music scene for more than a decade after his 1971 hit record Love it to Death". This just isn't so. I'm not familiar enough to know if he stopped doing his infamous concerts for a time, but he released an album at least every second year for that entire period. What did you mean by this?
I am on sabbatical for a half year from my film production teaching and am looking into theory and history ever day for inspiration. Last week I found your discussion of the Edison Frankenstein very interesting so I found it on Youtube an made a low tech puppet project inspired by the burning technique. It was rather clumsy (made in a day) but perhaps you'd like to see it?
Thank you for writing this book.