Sunday, October 5, 2008

A new Frankenstein

There is a debut set for October 7, 2008, at Cambridge University's Bodleian Library, introducing our favorite monster novel with a new twist, edited by Charles E. Robinson, professor of English at the University of Delaware. Robinson already made Frankenstein history in years past by publishing the amazing Frankenstein Notebooks, photoreproductions of the manuscripts of the novel, accompanied by a meticulously annotated time line of events leading up to and following after its publication.

Now, taking up his side into the fray about how much Percy Shelley had to do with the writing of Frankenstein, and putting his editorial pen where his mouth is, Robinson removes any of the changes PBS impressed upon his beloved Mary's manuscript. He has undone about 5,000 edits to the manuscript, resulting in a version that's all Mary.

The book is published in England only right now, but available online. Its publication has inspired Frankenstein Day at the Bodleian, and a publication party has none other than Brian Aldiss, the grand old man of science fiction history and author of Frankenstein Unbound, arriving to give a toast to start up the 3:00 lecture on the 7th.

Congratulations, Professor Robinson! The monster thanks you.

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