Monday, October 29, 2007

Aussies still asking

Our man man John Lauritsen, joined by Charles Robinson -- editor of the fascinating Frankenstein Notebooks, and advocate for Mary as author in her own write (as John Lennon would have put it) -- and Neil Fraistat, Percy Bysshe Shelley scholar -- appeared on Australian radio today, talking about the question that seems destined to upstage that about Shakespeare: ”Who Wrote Frankenstein?” You can listen to the entire half hour conversation here.

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Rozum said...

I just wanted to make a general comment and say how much I've been enjoying you blog, and how much I'm looking forward to reading your book which has been beckoning to me all month, but as Sara Karloff says of October "It's our busy season."

I've plugged both your book and your blog over at my own site, where I just concluded a "Frankenstein Week" portion of my month long Halloween countdown.